Thursday, 12 October 2017

Living on Welfare

Life isn't simple and hasn't changed nowadays. There are a great deal of things that make life hard and one of them of course is that the financial aspect. Money might not buy you everything but individuals need money to purchase their needs. Not everyone can make ends meet and not everyone has enough to reside. That's why in a few countries there are the ones that live by welfare. Welfare can be offered from the government or in some cases by individuals. Like in certain regions such as Malaysia there's something known as the BR1M where it is similar to welfare, economic aid and other financial support kind of thing. Just check out BR1M or Brim 2018 to find out more about this. Learn about brim 2018 on

What is welfare?

Welfare is a country in which the government or an organization will supply you with some kind of assistance. Most of the time it's financial aid but in some instances it could be giving you a bundle of food or supplies.

In order for you you need to possess the requirements down. This is only an example but lets say that your family only makes around $200 a month then you're qualified for welfare.

Should you happen to grow out of their requirements like in the event that you earn a whole lot more then you are no longer eligible for welfare.

What is life like on welfare

It does help the ones which are in need of this. In some instances some individuals find it tough to live off on wellbeing.

There are those that have to purchase their needs first so even if they're living off welfare. They have to start buying their needs so they are limited in some way.

Living off on wellbeing is difficult but one must be patient with this.

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