Monday, 12 June 2017

Enjoying Online Movie With My Office Mates

I'm now happily married but I still enjoys watch free movies online as it's always been my avocation. I balance my studies and still managed to see films as my breathing space while I had been in college. And finally I was able to graduate on my lessons and was able to crawl through college. 

I landed in a great paying job but still I missed my picture times, so sometimes at weekends I would watch free movies online. Shortly I met with this great young man who also loved films and we got to chat for a bit while awaiting our turns and consented to have java within the week as our workplaces are only nearby. The coffee was great and so was our chat, also it appeared that we'd be seeing each other more. 

He would come see with me at my office the majority of the the days to have meals together and things got more intimate. And we got married and finally agreed to relax, as the time passed. But he asked me if so that I can personally take good care of our children, I can quit working and be a regular house-wife and started our family together. 

Where being a wife and a mum although I'm still open to some work in which I could just take action at residence would be my priority I could still enjoy my movie time at the same time and as he's quite particular of having a conventional family.

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